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Welcome to Hatfield Travel - Your full-service Travel and Related Services Management Company

Hatfield Travel successfully service all travel requirements of a large variety of clients, both nationally and internationally, functional in private and public sectors. With a tried and tested network of service providers built over almost 40 years in the industry, coupled with the far reaching Tourvest Travel Services network, we endeavour to continuously present our travellers with the best, transparently and fairly calculated deals available. In recognition of its commitment to and support of the travel industry and its users, service providers bestowed numerous awards on Hatfield Travel in all its years of service delivery.

Our expansive portfolio of travel services, value-add and auxiliary services cover all aspects of individual, group and corporate travel, together with a fully comprehensive conference, meetings and events management service, presenting our travellers and guests with value for money without compromising service delivery.

Staying abreast with technology advancements and industry related news, changes and updates, with Hatfield Travel, all our travellers can rest assured that all aspects affecting their lives whilst away from home, albeit on business or to enjoy a dream vacation, are taken care of and are safely in the hands of a Team of Professionals who only has their best interest at heart.

Our Travel Management Policy and auxiliary service solutions evolved directly out of extensive experience and customer research. We have utilized our extensive knowledge, experience and skills of Travel, the Conference and Events sector and all related Services Procurement Management to fill vacuums and address any identified or potential frustrations throughout the travel reservation and physical travel process. Clients are kept informed of all relevant factors affecting their travels.

Our processes and products are designed not only to clearly inform our travellers of procurement and travel services costs but also to clarify performance expectations.

In promoting transparency on all levels of usage and interaction, should an existing or potential corporate client not already have a clearly defined and readily accessible Travel Policy in place, we provide help in compiling one as such and in line with its corporate culture, and provide assistance in communicating its contents to the affected staff members.

An annual review of this policy is recommended to ensure it remains appropriate to your business structure and strategy, while at the same time keeping up with global events and travel trends.

An important first step to establish the foundations for an effective relationship is to clarify expectations and parameters. To best achieve such a relationship, a mutually negotiated and agreed upon Service Level Agreement (SLA) together with applicable Service Levels will determine what can expect from us and that mutually agreed upon standards are both suitable to your business requirements and supportable by our infrastructure.

Our fees encompass the full range of traditional functions fulfilled by a travel agency, from consultation through to travel document provision. In addition, our procurement services extend to ensure that travel services, in most cases the second largest controllable company expense, are actively managed and controlled. Our service fees are transparently calculated to cover the cost of infrastructure required to best service our travellers needs according to our high standards of professionalism and expertise.

Our services include:

  1. International, Regional and National Air Reservations:
  2. International, Regional and National Accommodation Reservations:
  3. International, Regional and National Car rental, Shuttle Services, Train and Ship Reservations:
  4. Meetings, Conferences, Events, Specialist Groups, Incentive Travel, Charter Services

Hatfield Travel is a full service travel agency and travel management specialist, professionally delivering its services to a national and international corporate and leisure, public and private sector travellers market. Our services are delivered to best meet travellers specifications and requirements, and improve on or match pre-set budgets. Being fully cognisant of all the obstacles travellers face when making complicated reservations, we are attentive to detail and skilled in making suggestions to provide a seamless experience, allowing our travellers to best achieve and enjoy precisely what they set out to do. All this is coupled with access to a one-stop experience, necessitating contact with only one consultant providing complete peace of mind. From the moment of first contact, our travellers enjoy a freedom rooted in the security of professional, educated and personal service delivery, to literally roam the world, knowing the Hatfield Travel Team stands firmly behind them, all the time.

Corporate Travel can easily be one of the most stress inducing activities a working person can be exposed to, as most attention and energy is focused in achieving the goals of the event. By appointing Hatfield Travel to manage the overall travel management of the business, business are presented with a cost effective, professional service with access to an expansive list of additional services, affording it a hassle free and seamless travel experience.

All services can be procured on a privately chartered basis (Air, Land and Sea)

Further to making reservations in line with set travel policies, budgets and any other active controlling agreements, we personalize the service to include items such as, but not limited to:


  • Lodged card reconciliations and provision of management reports
  • Access to a dedicated key account manager
  • Extension of services to include corporate functions and events
  • Management of loyalty club memberships of airlines, hotel chains, car rental agencies and more
  • Access to a 24-hour emergency service while travelling
  • Door-to-door collection and delivery of travel documents
  • Visa and medical requirements advisory services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Foreign Exchange collection and delivery
  • Transfers, shuttles and parking, busses, chauffeur drive
  • Rail transport
  • Assistance with pre-seating and online check-in services
  • Travel needs analysis
  • Drafting of an official travel policy
  • Pre-ordering of meals (e.g. Halaal, Kosher, Vegetarian), and many more

Our consultants are at the ready to assist you to enjoy your break as best possible. From a weekend away at some exclusive, secluded hide away, all the way to a super indulgent cruise around the world packages suited to all ages and budgets, destinations and senses of discovery and adventure are there for you to choose from.

To ensure our leisure travellers to be best prepared for their adventure, we will advise them of all visa and health requirements, provide travel insurance and foreign exchange, and go out of our way to procure those original theatre tickets in the front row of that show they always wanted to see.

Do you want to reach a lost temple in the jungles of Mexico all on your own, or a group of friends wanting to plan an unchartered cross-continent journey from Patagonia to the Panama Chanel? We can assist you with all those niggly little details to make it the one journey's memories that will last a lifetime.

Our knowledgeable, qualified, well-travelled team can present our leisure and intrepid travellers with services such as:


  • Airline, accommodation, cruise, rail and car hire reservations
  • Group meet & greet, check-in services
  • Tour guides as required
  • 24-Hours emergency services
  • Foreign exchange and travel insurance
  • Theatre and bookable sites tickets
  • Packaged and personalized tours/ excursions
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Visa and health requirements advisory services
  • Itinerary Compilation

Through its network of service providers, Hatfield Travel is able to present sport and special events enthusiasts the ability to attend any such event, anywhere in the world. Your package can include all or any one of the following:

  • Authentic tickets to the event, best seats possible to your requirements to full series world sporting events or specific games, matches or events
  • Air tickets and accommodation
  • Car hire and charter services
  • Transport/ transfers to and from the venue
  • Group corporate items/ goody bags as required
  • Add-on  excursions, tours and events
  • Complete management of all travel and related services


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